Degree Type: 

Bachelor of Science


Department of Environmental Science

Modes of Study: 


Entry Requirements: 

To gain admission, candidates must have passes in Core English, Core Mathematics, Integrated Science and Social Studies (A1 – C6 i.e. A – D). In addition, candidates must have obtained passes in the following three elective subjects: Biology, Chemistry and Physics with grades not lower than C6/D at the WASSCE/SSSCE levels.

Career Opportunities: 

Crusades against climate change and global warming are increasingly becoming key areas of focus of humanitarian agencies, philanthropists and corporate social responsibility initiatives of business entities. This is opening up a lot of fresh opportunities for professionals with the requisite training in environmental science.
You can find jobs in the following areas:
 Teaching
 Government ministries, departments and agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, Forestry Commission and District Assemblies
 Agriculture and climate change focused NGOs
 Environmental Officer with mining firms