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About the Department

Vision Statement

The Department of History will be nationally and internationally recognised for educating undergraduate and post graduate history students about the importance of understanding the past in any society, and for teaching them critical, analytical and research skills applicable to numerous potential career paths. The department shall provide students, researchers and the public with innovative dynamic services, teaching and scholarship. This will be done through its enterprise of using current and innovative curriculum to offer excellent training to students studying history at the undergraduate, masters, and doctoral levels, and providing consultancy services to members of the university, community, region, country and the world. It will proactively endeavour to offer quality research and teaching to students for them to develop personal interests and leadership skills relevant for the full enjoyment of life, enabling them to contribute immensely to national development and the human experience. The department will work to serve the university, region, country, continent and the world through student and faculty participation in academic study, professional cultural activities, travel, exchange programmes, and sponsored professional meetings and conferences.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of History is shaped by the mission of the University of Cape Coast and the goals of the College of Humanities and Legal Studies, of the same university. Within those overarching mission frames, it is the mission of the Department of History to serve the university, region, and country through quality teaching/advising, research/creative activity, and outreach/general service. Thus, the department offers excellent B.A., M.A., MPhil and Ph.D. programmes. The B.A. programmes prepares students for careers that involve research, synthesis, and analysis; as educators/teachers and archivists/curators; and for admission to graduate or professional school. The Masters programmes prepares students to teach, to work as public historians, or to advance their graduate education. The PhD programme prepares students to teach and research at national and international tertiary educational institutions, and to publish recognized scholarly works, especially in history and the humanities.

Head of Department

Prof. De-Valera N Y M Botchway

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