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mission Statement

The mission of the Department of History is shaped by the mission of the University of Cape Coast and the goals of the College of Humanities and Legal Studies, of the same university. Within those overarching mission frames, it is the mission of the Department of History to serve the university, region, and country through quality teaching/advising, research/creative activity, and outreach/general service.

Thus, the department offers excellent B.A., M.A., MPhil and Ph.D. programmes. The B.A. programmes prepares students for careers that involve research, synthesis, and analysis; as educators/teachers and archivists/curators; and for admission to graduate or professional school.

The Masters programmes prepares students to teach, to work as public historians, or to advance their graduate education.

The PhD programme prepares students to teach and research at national and international tertiary educational institutions, and to publish recognized scholarly works, especially in history and the humanities.