The Department of History falls under the Faculty of Arts and is one of the prestigious bastions of teaching and learning history in the West African sub-Region. It is also one of the oldest academic units in the University. It was the second full-fledged History Department to be established in Ghana, after the first one came into being in 1948, upon the opening of the University College of the Gold Coast (now the University of Ghana).

Following the report of the International Commission on University Education in Ghana (May 1961), the government of Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah established the University College of Cape Coast (now the University of Cape Coast) and formally inaugurated it on 15th December, 1962. The University started its life with the two pioneer Departments of Arts and of Science. The Department of Arts, which was originally known as the Department of Liberal and Social Studies at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi, was transferred together with students and staff to Cape Coast in March 1962, and reorganized into seven sections, namely: Classics, Economics, English, French, Geography, Sociology and History.

In the 1964/65 academic year, the Department of Arts was upgraded to a Faculty with the seven Sections under it, including History, becoming full-fledged Departments. Since that period, the Department has been at the forefront of training generations in critical and analytical skills, documenting the diverse histories of Ghana’s space and shaping the debate in the general field of historical research. The Department has, thus far, trained and successfully graduated over 1,400 undergraduate students (both combined and major students) and tens of masters and Ph.D students, who are spread across the globe and in various sectors of human endeavor, such as: education, governance, diplomacy, law, business, security services, communication, etc. Over the last four decades, students and faculty of the Department have vigorously researched the local and national histories of the people of Ghana and beyond.

The Department remains the best in the teaching and research of History in Ghana. Over the next decade, the Department aims to expand its frontiers, programmes and research areas, and to be in tune with the rapidly changing field of historical enquiry. The Department looks forward to undertaking that journey with you.